Build Your Wish List to Purchase a Home

There’s a lot to consider when buying a home. Everyone needs a place to eat and sleep, but it’s the extras and the details that really make a house feel like a home. Just remember that there is a difference between what you need and what you want.  Developing a wish list before you purchase involves listing the specific features that you need and want and be sure to give some thought to the importance of each item. This lays down a blueprint for your house hunt and it keeps you in check.

Here are some tips on how to create your wish list:

  • Take note of all the things you and love and don’t love about your current residence;
  • Consider how long you’re going to be in this home and what you envision happening in your life during that period;
  • Identify which items you need now, and which items can be added over time. For instance, maybe you really want a deck in your backyard, but that is something you can add on later;
  • Visit family and friends to find out what they really like about their home;
  • Look at design and home improvement magazines and websites. Collect pictures of homes, rooms and products that appeal to you;
  • Consider details that are environmentally friendly where possible like front-loading washing machines, low-flush toilets and low-flow showerheads;
  • Visit show homes to see the latest in design, construction and finishing;
  • Visit kitchen, bathroom and other retail showrooms. Talk with salespeople and pick up manufacturers’ literature on the types and brands of products you like; and
  • Attend home shows – renovators, designers and product manufacturers take part in these shows. This provides an excellent opportunity to see what’s new.

What is on your wish list to purchase?